Are there any BB Cream Available for Darker Skin?

BB creams are made for the various skin types, such as normal skin, oily skin, or dry skin. They sometimes contain additional active ingredients to address various skin issues and concerns. But this glorified tinted moisturizer doesn’t seem to come in many shades. Created ages ago in Korea BB creams were catered to lighten and … Read more

BB Cream Brands Suitable for Oily Skin Type

Why do You Need a BB Cream for Oily Skin? The BB creams today have changed from simply treating blemishes into multi-tasking products that can do almost anything. Some BB creams contain anti-aging ingredients and they also help with other skin issues, like redness, dark spots, large pores, or under-eye circles. Consumers with oily skin … Read more

BB Creams with Anti-Aging Properties

BB creams are genius multitaskers that can replace several beauty products, and save you a lot of time. They work as moisturizers, primers, foundations, and sunscreens , while concealing skin-imperfections for a natural, flawless look. Some manufacturers provide even more. The following BB creams are known to diminish existing wrinkles and treat the skin with … Read more

Should I Use BB or CC Cream?

Tired of Your Beauty Regimen? Morning rush hour. After cleansing your face with a toner you need to use a moisturizer, than a spot treatment or concealer under your eyes. The next step is to apply your foundation and then, of course, the blusher. Different brushes for different products. Tired of using multiple products to … Read more